Since the 60s when our enterprise was mainly occupied with this object we have provided with traditional costumes dance groups, educational institutions and organizations in Greece as well as abroad.

The creation of the costumes is based on the publications and the photographic material accumulated by the Benakis Museum. Due to the lack of traditional hand made material, fabrics and embroidery (most of them manufactured at home in the old times) the creation of the costumes is made using new material and fabrics given the proper respect to our tradition, so the result is as close as possible to the authentic costumes. You may take a closer look to some of our most characteristic Greek Traditional Costumes.


Crete (Sfakia)
Central Macedonia (Roumlouki) Queen Amalia (for children)
Epirus (Yannina) Tsolias (for children)
Thrace (Sarakatsan) Vlahopoula (for children)
Corfu (Bridal)  


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